It's Time to Deepen Into Your Center and Reconnect Back to Your Wild.

This Womb Health and Healing program guides you to reconnect back to your inner wisdom and reclaim your cycles to experience life with more joy, please and abundance. 

Feel disassociated from receiving and disconnected with your body, emotions and womb. 

Have experienced relationship, birth or any kind of trauma and are unsure how to reconnect with your body.

Are unsure how to move through emotions after trauma and want to relearn how to trust your body and mind. 

Feel disconnected from partners, friendships after trauma and aren’t sure how to reconnect on a deeper level.

This is for womben who:

Are you feeling disconnected from your body, cycle and/or womb?

- Richard Rohr 

"Trauma not transformed is transferred"

the motivation

behind the passion

In order to open your portal of intuition, creativity, manifestation, sensuality. sexuality , and abundance we must safely feel through it, and surrender to its healing power. 

Focus on healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual by connecting to your body and nervous system.

Understand the cues and signals that your body gives you.

Understand trauma alchemy and how you can safely release it from your body.

Cope with your trauma and work to clear out any stagnation and start to clear the pathway and connect back to our inner safety and truth. 

During this program we focus on deepening the connection of the body through the sacral chakra and the womb. Not only do I equip you with confidence and techniques, but educate you on your cycle and how you can use this to eat and live more intuitively. 

Together, we holistically heal any womb related health problems and get to the root of the misalignment. 

You will learn to:

A mix of education and trauma alchemy

I dove into womb wisdom and healing the relationship to my womb, my cycle, and how I approach my womb. I finally felt my reality shifting from fear, worry, and regret to present moment bliss and gratitude. The old thought patterns, the co-dependent connections, the body shaming and sadness started to slip away, day by day! 

Finding more time and space for myself to feel safe in confronting my body, my wounds that I once ran from. Everything started to feel less scary, more approachable, and honestly for the first time in my life, I felt like me! I was able to set boundaries, speak my truth, go after my dreams, and feel fucking good in my body! I then knew that this was part of my path, healing myself was the first step to leading others. Healing and cultivating healthy relationships will be ever-evolving and a lifelong devotion, and I couldn’t be more here for it!!

As a spiritual being I know that my external environment was a mirror of my internal world, so when I was faced with many health problems and womb related dis-eases, as well as depression and anxiety, I started doing years of therapy, followed by hundreds of doctors appointments.

I still had no answers.

The “not knowing” created an even heavier impact on my mental and emotional health because I felt like I kept repeating and reliving the story over and over again. 

It wasn’t until I was introduced to Breathwork and somatic healing in an Awakened Womben Workshop, that I finally felt the release I have been longing for. The floodgates opened and the healing began, and I couldn’t get enough! I wanted to become my own healer, put the power back in my hands and back in my body! I finally was able to start my inner healing journey! I read books on somatic healing, became breathwork certified, and started to release the trauma I built up in my body from birth.

About me and Why Womb Healing



Three, 75 minute 1:1 Trauma Alchemy sessions 

Custom vaginal steam protocol and herbs. 

Will use modalities such as: reiki, somatic breathwork and free expression movement

What’s included in Womb Health + Healing

the details

Eight Week healing journey, reconnecting you back to your play and pleasure. Shifting into the divine feminine to co-create the life you desire. All through reconnecting to your innate womb wisdom!

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