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While there is no wrong way to bring a human into this world, there is a right and better way to support birthing people and protect the right to an informed and safe birthing experience. 

Whether you’re birthing your first baby or your tenth, it’s time to reclaim our power as birthing women and reinstate our right to have a peaceful, uninterrupted birthing experience. 

You deserve to welcome your baby into relieved, empowered, present, and happy arms, without feeling disoriented and overwhelmed. Emotional and energetic support is necessary throughout your pregnancy and your birthing time, someone who can hold space for you to process and savor the moment. 

You deserve to feel confident and ready to bring your baby earthside! Birthing education is crucial to help you experience a safe and informed homecoming for your new baby. You don’t deserve feeling stuck or corralled into an arbitrary plan set by someone disconnected from you and your family. 

All Birth Is Beautiful

A doula (pronounced “doo-lah”) is a birth advocate. Doulas provide emotional and energetic support before and after pregnancy and birth. If you’re having a baby, faced with the possibility of losing a baby, or newly postpartum, you don’t have to travel this path alone.

As a birth advocate, I can support you, the birthing person in your right to make decisions about your own body and that of your baby. I want you to feel empowered to advocate for yourself throughout the process to ensure everything unfolds according to your unique birthing vision. 

Leveraging a doula’s expertise in pregnancy and birthing has been proven to reduce the need for several medical interventions, including narcotics, Pitocin, and C-sections. 

What Is A Doula?

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This path has been paved by millions of powerful birthing women before us! I want your experience to reflect your own power and bring about a safe and peaceful homecoming for your new little life. 

My birth services include emotional and energetic support, educational support, physical support during late pregnancy and your birthing time, immediate postpartum care, Reiki and other healing modalities. 

Birth Services

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The need for postpartum care cannot be overstated. Too often, the perspective is “the baby is here, the job is done” Nothing could be more damaging to your energy and restoration, however.

Postpartum care supports the mother, baby, partner, and family as they all transition together. As a doula, I will help you nest, nurture, nourish, and restore yourself with perineal care, feeding assistance, and emotional and energetic space while you direct your focus on your new baby. 


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Far more than just breastfeeding information and lactation supplements, lactation consulting is life-changing for many mothers and new babies. Whether you choose to breastfeed only for a little while or for several years, I can help you and your baby achieve the best possible outcome!

Lactation Consulting

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Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing used to support women through all aspects of pregnancy. This gentle healing work has been studied and proven to prepare the birthing person for delivery and to improve birthing outcomes. 




doula services

- Eliza

finding right birth support is so important, Im so happy we found Jenna. Jenna was so attentive, kind and very knowledgeable about tips and tricks for labor and postpartum period. I had the most beautiful home birth experience and felt supported through out the whole birth process. Jenna and my husband were amazing !!! I highly recommend hiring Jenna for your birth support.

- Danielle 

Jenna is truly a keeper of the sacredness of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She was such a huge support with navigating terrible medical providers as well. She is a huge wealth of information and always provided sources to allow me to make the best informed decisions for myself and my daughter. 

- Sophia

Absolutely amazing support during one of the biggest moments of my life. The amount of guidance and support Jenna gave my husband and I before, during, and after was next level.

I’m a Sacred birth-keeper, certified Somatic Breathworker, Reiki practioner, and the doula here at Nurture The Star. 

I’m so glad you found me – you are welcome here! Too often, the mother’s needs and desires are not at the center of the birthing experience. But thousands of years of tradition and culture across the globe prove it shouldn’t be anything else. 

I am passionate about helping powerful women like you reclaim our birthright to a safe, peaceful, uninterrupted birthing experience with fewer interventions and narcotics. A birthing experience where your needs are the foundation and the pinnacle of the plan. 

Your body is BEAUTIFUL and your body is CAPABLE. Healing and restoration start from within. You have the right to bring your baby earthside in exactly the manner you desire. And I can help you do just that! 

Welcome To Nurture The Star!

Hi! I’m Jenna, 

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