Congratulations! Now What?

You successfully brought your baby Earthside! 

In Ayurvedic tradition, the postpartum period is the most fragile time in a new mother’s life as well as her baby’s. There is no other phase of life where you are so completely surrendered to the moment as in postpartum. Every tiny decision and event is tied in with your needs and the baby’s care. 

Throughout the course of history, we find the sacred window of postpartum time dedicated to providing and nourishing for both mother and baby in many cultures. Friends, I truly believe “it takes a village.” As a new mother, you’re focused on channeling all your energy and reserves to the care of your baby. It’s equally important to care for yourself, however, and allow your body space and nurturing to restore itself.

This is for you, the new mother! I will focus on making sure you get what you need and have the tools to nourish yourself in my absence. I will coach you through showering, napping, movement, meditation, alone time, and time with your partner and/or older children. 


I offer emotional and energetic support, holding space for you and your partner to process and release anything related to your birthing experience or family transition.

Emotional + Energetic Support

Herbal teas are mother nature’s healing nectar, created from the flowers, berries, roots, leaves, and seeds of a variety of different plants. They provide a natural way to build energy without caffeine, stimulate lactation, alleviate sleeplessness, and boost your immune system. I come armed with a supply of just what you need to help heal and restore. 

Herbal Teas + Infusions

I highly support baby bonding! I can teach you techniques to bond with your baby and make the most of this special time. This is your sacred window – you will not get another with this child nor will the next one be the same as this. Soak it up!

Baby Bonding

An often neglected practice, vaginal steaming is essential for postpartum care and womb restoration. Steaming can improve womb healing, reduce scar tissue, activate the vagus nerve to release oxytocin, and provide emotional release. I can teach you proper techniques for safe, effective vaginal steaming.

Vaginal Steaming

A crucial aspect of postpartum care is ensuring your perineal region is properly rejuvenated. Regular washing prevents infection, odors, and irritation, but can be difficult to do on your own postpartum. I can give you the tools to provide proper postpartum perineal care.

Perineal Care

There are so many styles of babywearing, you may not know what you like best or what suits your baby’s needs. I will guide you through all the different techniques to find the best option for you and your baby.


The fun part! I will help and support you through diaper changes, teach you swaddling and soothing, proper baby bathing, and massage techniques. 

Newborn Care

Whether you’re breastfeeding, pumping, or using alternative feeding methods such as formula, I’m here to support your method and assist in the implementation. 

Feeding Assistance 

Massage Therapist


Craniosacral Therapy

Tongue & lip tie practitioners


Pelvic Floor Therapist



We may find you need the attention of a specialist. I can provide you with professional referrals for:

Professional Referrals



When serving you postpartum, my care is focused on nurturing your whole world - mom, baby, partner, and family. These are the principles on which my work is founded:

Let Me Be Part of Your Village: 

Postpartum Support

This is how I serve you!

Additional weeks available for the same hourly rate

I have 2 partners for full time overnight postpartum care services. 

PersonalCare by Jess are my two partners for postpartum care

Starting at 24 hours 

4 hour day | 10 hour nights

All Packages:

Abhyanga- Ayurvedic oil anointing 

Vaginal Steam Care

Ayurvedic inspired nourishing meals, snacks, and tonics

Luxury healing flower essence baths
Reiki energy healing sessions

Hold space for emotional + energetic processing

Infant care

Feeding support

Light home help

Herbal tea blends

Partner support + sibling transition

Starting at $111 an hour (4 hour min)
Sacred Window Care, honoring the first forty days of the fourth trimester. 

Hold space for emotional + energetic processing

Infant care

Feeding support

Light home help

Partner support + sibling transition

Herbal tea blends

Reiki for mom + baby

Ayurvedic oil for mom + baby (self-massage)

Ayurvedic Meal Prep

Starting at $75 an hour
Focusing on restoration for your beautiful baby & body.

Hold space for emotional + energetic processing

Infant care

Feeding support

Light home help

Partner support + sibling transition

Professional Resources 

$60 an hour for day | $70 for night Care
Supporting you and your baby as you both settle into your new normal.

I am so blessed to be in this space! I’m passionate about supporting you and your partner and family emotionally, physically, and energetically. I’ve created a variety of options for you, as the birthing person, that will fit any situation. 

The beauty of the work I do is that it’s ALL ABOUT YOU! We will do what works and we will brush aside what doesn’t. I am simply a vessel for service – this is YOUR time and YOUR sacred transition into motherhood. 

 Postpartum Care Packages

$350 - $450

Your body created this beautiful organ to support and sustain your baby.Perfectly made for you, the placenta is a powerful medicine to nourish you on your postpartum healing journey.Vital minerals, vitamins, and hormones to replenish your body. 

Placentas are known to bring vital energy and warm the postpartum body, balance hormones, increase energy levels, stimulate milk production, rebuild mineral, vitamin, and iron stores. 

I honor the placenta by using the Traditional Chinese Method where I gently steam with fresh herbs, lemon, and ginger to create the most potent medicine for you.

Offering placenta tinctures + Salves + cord keepsake

7 Day protocol - $444
10-30 Day protocol starts at - $555

3 Day protocol - $222
5 Day protocol - $333


Support for PCOS

Endometriosis relief

Fibroid relief

Vaginal dryness relief

Increased sex drive

Emotional + somatic release

Regulation of menstrual cycles

Reduction of menstrual discomfort and PMS symptoms

Fertility improvement

Healing of vaginal infections and yeast

Healing of scar tissue

Vaginal steaming sessions can be requested for ongoing treatment, separate from a package. They’re not just for postpartum – start connecting to your sacred womb! Additional benefits include:

additional Services

Friends, I am here to support your family’s transition! Whether this is your first child or your tenth, you have the right to claim the same quality of support each time. 

Let’s connect and choose the right postpartum package for you!

It’s Your Sacred Window!

Receiving Proper, Restorative Care In Your Postpartum Time Is More Than Just “Self-Care."

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