Bringing New Life Into the World?

What if there was a capable and encouraging soul dedicated to your comfort and success when

That’s The Difference A Doula Can Make!

A guide who can provide emotional support for you and your partner? 

A calm soul who is qualified to provide the hands-on physical support you’ll need along the way?

A certified advocate who can give you natural educational support so you feel at peace with your decisions?

A Reiki Practitioner with the skills to reduce pain and anxiety through the birthing process?

All during a time the birthing person is at their most vulnerable...

I share your birthing vision and believe deeply in your ability to bring about new life in a manner that's best for you and the baby. 

The doula toolkit has numerous options to help your baby and your body progress naturally. 

Bladder management



A doula (pronounced “doo-lah”) is a person who can provide support and guidance during birthing and delivery. Whether you’re having a baby, faced with the possibility of losing a baby, or are newly postpartum, you don’t have to take this path alone. 

As an experienced doula, I provide my clients with continuous support throughout birthing and delivery. I'm not a replacement for your partner – instead, I provide support for both of you and allow them to focus on caring for your needs. 

Your comfort and success are my top priorities! Together, we will work on relaxation massages, Reiki, and Breathwork to keep you centered. Calm and comfort are furthered in the use of essential oils and active or relaxed positions. 

I will also help your partner keep track of the often forgotten necessities of the birthing process:

what is a doula?

the experience

Break The Cycle Of Intervention Before It Starts!

The natural birth experience is majestic and sacred – a tradition that began nearly at the dawn of time. While there is no right or wrong way to bring a human into this world, there is an ideal way to support birthing people like you and protect your right to a safe and informed birthing experience.

Do You Desire A Birth Experience Without The Pressure Of Narcotics & Surgery?

All birth is beautiful, and I want you to feel that way about your experience. 

Epidurals by 60%

C-sections rate by 50%

Pitocin by 40%

Narcotics by 30%

Use of forceps by 30%

Length of birthing time by 25%

General levels of anxiety

Doula support has been shown to reduce:

I am inspired to walk in this work, taking the path paved by others who have worked tirelessly to support birthing people and their experiences. My doula program was developed to provide you with an inclusive, informed, and safe birthing space. Here’s how I can help:

Birth Services

This is an emotionally tumultuous journey! I never want you to feel alone or like your body can’t do what it was designed to do. I will be there with you from beginning to end and beyond. 

I am available for emotional and energetic support throughout your pregnancy and the whole birthing process. 

I work with my clients on birth intention and getting clear on the emotional and energetic vision for their birth and working through fears. You won't have to worry about unforeseen absences, since I have a network of doulas who can step in and provide support at my instruction. 

Emotional Support

Immediately post-birth, I’ll support your breastfeeding efforts and provide custom postpartum herbal infusion. We’ll meet for one postpartum session or more if you’re interested in an additional postpartum package.

To support the physical demands of birthing, I provide an ample supply of herbal tea and Ayurvedic first days' rice pudding.

Even if this isn’t your first child, every birth is unique and should be highly prized. As a doula, my role is to support your birth plan and help you experience your desired outcome. 

This is where the hands-on, practical element of doula support shines the brightest. Being an active participant in your experience is a sacred blessing that I’m humbled to share with you. 

Starting at 37 weeks gestation, I’ll be on call 24/7 for you and your partner until your baby arrives. During early labor, we’ll talk via phone and begin emotional preparations for the birthing day. 

You’ll have me by your side for continuous in-person support during Active Labor, providing physical and emotional comfort measures during your birthing time. 

Physical Support

We'll meet for a monthly prenatal meeting and create a customized birth plan that meets your needs and desires. If you have other questions, I’m always available via text, phone, Voxer, or email! 

My desire is to support you along the whole journey, not just at the end. 

Preparing for labor and birth is an exciting time, but it can also bring up a lot of questions and fears. You don’t have to enter the birthing room blind and uninformed, however. Part of owning your experience is being educated and prepared for the outcome you desire. 

Part of what I do to serve you is getting you the resources you need to feel confident and ready to bring your baby earthside. 

Educational Support

*Results from a clinical trial at Hartford Hospital, CT, and from Dr. Jeri Mills, OBGYN

Friends, we are the creators of life, and we must cross the threshold to bring our babies into this world! This is truly the most sacred event in your life.

78% improvement in pain

80% improvement in nausea

86% improvement in sleep

94% improvement in anxiety

Reduction of C-section rate from 20% to 5%

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing studied and proven to improve birth outcomes. Energy work supports birthing people through all aspects and changes of pregnancy to prepare them for childbirth. Reiki can be safely practiced throughout all stages of your pregnancy journey; either on its own, combined with other supplemental birthing services, or alongside conventional medicine.

Birthing women who add this gentle healing energy have shown:

Reiki Support

I’m passionate about our intrinsic power as birthing women! I truly believe in reclaiming our birthright of having a peaceful, uninterrupted birthing experience and restoring confidence in the delivery room. 

Bringing babies earthside can look different for everyone; I endeavor to meet you where you are. I will always support your vision by providing evidence-based birthing care and practice so you and your partner can advocate for how your baby enters this world.

Allow me to walk your sacred path alongside you! Let’s connect and plan your baby’s homecoming. We can chat via Zoom or schedule an appointment in person to see if I’m a good fit for your birthing team. 

I can’t wait to join your village! Abundant blessings, 

Your Sacred Birth-Keeper!

Hi! I’m Jenna, 

- Inanna

“When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to approach my journey into motherhood with intention and try to give birth unmedicated. This being my first pregnancy I didn’t know what to expect or how to approach these goals. The support and teachings I got from Jenna were more than I could ask for. She taught me how powerful the mind and breath is during immense surges and how I have control over my own birthing experience; she cared for me like a family member rather than a client or patient. During birth she not only made me feel extremely comfortable but she also supported my partner in moments of uncertainty. I can’t imagine how things would have played out if she wasn’t there. She advocated for me when I wasn’t able to and kept me grounded. With her support I was able to give birth unmedicated and without trauma! My perception of birth has completely changed into a positive, loving experience, and for that I am forever grateful!”

are saying

what people

24 hours Postpartum Support starting at $1,111

Maternity or Newborn $555/$777 Sara Santana Photography 

Placenta Encapsulation $333-$444

Add on’s:

All things Birth PDF files

Breastfeeding class

In home Lactation Consultation visit

Placenta Encapsulation

Postpartum Support 

Birth education of choice

Prenatal Coaching 

2-4 prenatal reiki sessions

Belly Binding

Pelvic floor guide

Meet and Greet

Monthly Nurture Birth Sessions 

Birth Plan | Intention | Birth Rehearsal 

All things Birth Mindset PDF

Prenatal | Postpartum Herbal Blends 

On Call starting at 37 weeks

Birth Support 

2 Postpartum Visits 

Trauma Informed Birth Coaching to Align your Body, Mind + Soul. 

Meet and Greet

Birth Plan Consultation | Birth Rehearsal 

All things Birth Mindset PDF

On Call starting at 37 weeks

Birth Support 

1 Postpartum Visit

Birth Packages 

Additional Prenatal Services :

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