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Have you been feeling called to heal and embody your truth? We know that the universe is abundant and we have the ability to co-create the life we desire! We hear all about manifestation and using positive thought to become magnetic, but it is so much more than that! We have to step into the frequency of your highest timeline now!

Somatic Healing for the SOUL

Trapped by the old cycles, thought patterns, and voices in your head that are telling you that you aren’t enough.I guide and support you through different healing modalities to work through the old conditioning, inner child, shadow integration, to reconnect you to your highest self and timeline!

I am a trauma informed somatic guide, who focuses on healing the nervous system Everything is stored in our bodies and nervous system. We take in all of our environment through our senses, our nervous system then responds and our ego will send us a message based of past experiences.

We are not our past experiences! By healing and releasing the trauma our bodies and mind can live in the present By healing the nervous system we can truly release the past and embody our divine timeline!

We are here to live our highest most fruitful life! I’m here to ground you in your truth and purpose, Shifting your Vibration from Fear to Faith

Shift your Vibration from Fear to Faith

the details

12 weeks of Embodiment Coaching

2 monthly Nurture Soul Sessions

2 monthly Integration calls

Integration prompts

Embodiment practices

Voxer | Text support with Additional VIP excess for purchase

Soul Blueprint Natal Chart Reading and Print from Shauna @Soul.Fishing

what do you get from our time together?

Breathwork | Somatic Healing

Reiki | Chakra Clearing and Activation

Tarot | Oracle guidance

Shadow Integration | Cord Cutting

Womb Healing | Awakening

Inner Child Reparenting | Subconscious Reprogramming

Sensual Expression | Anchoring into body

Ancestral Healing | Shamanic Journeying Akashic Records Access

What Nurture Soul Sessions can look like

Trust me, I get it! I lived most of my life, in my head, living in fear of all the possible things that could go wrong! It wasn’t until I held space for myself to learn, I was conducting my own fear!

Holding onto stories that were not mine, I was embodying the frequency of the past! When I allowed myself to be supported in a safe space, to explore, come back into my body, and into the present moment, I saw everything was going right! I learned how to shift my frequency, release the limiting beliefs, step into my power as Manifestor and Co-Creator!

As a mother, I know how hard it can be to make time for myself, or hold onto guilt for investing in myself You can’t take this time back, You are worthy or this work, You are worthy of healing and creating the life you desire! I went from fear and guilt to taking informed empowered action expanding my comfort zone and showing the universe I am ready and open to receive abundance!

My Journey!

A trauma informed and nervous system based healing program to truly create lifelong impact! Over the weeks we will focus on the intersectionality of healing and living in alignment with your highest timeline! We will dive deep into your subconscious and how it is directly impacting your relationship with abundance.

The Breakdown

Ready to connect deep to your spiritual embodiment

Wanting to reduce stress + live more freely

Ready to get back into your body and intuition

Want to raise your vibration and co-create with the universe

Ready to heal your relationship to money + call in abundance

Wanting to releasing limiting beliefs + Ready to reclaim your power

Committed to your growth + Ready to embody the Life you deserve!

This Program is for you if

- Jasmine, Shadow Healer

"Jenna took me through a 4 week journey where she intuitively guided me through some of my deepest wounds, I am more open to abundance and its been flowing to me in AMAZING ways! I have a deeper connection to my body and feel more lively! Best Self care investment a healing coach could ever make!"

- Natalie

"Jenna helped me move through some wounds I have been working through the past 10 years. I have never been so connected and in my body before. My subconscious was able to lead me to the root of when my fear began. I have been going to therapy for years and feeling at a dead end, working with Jenna, has opened my mind and my body in a way i’ve never experienced before! This is my new self care practice!"

are saying

what people

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You were divinely guided here. I know making an investment in yourself is a big deal!

I encourage you to feel into it! Ground Yourself, Take a Deep Breath
Connect to your Heart and Womb space.

Do you feel expansive, can you feel tingling, butterflies? What is your body saying to you?! Is it a YES?! Trust the call of your higher self! You will always be the biggest return on investment! This is a life time of abundance + freedom!

are you Ready to Invest in Yourself?

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